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Shipping Notes: US Postal Service (USPS)


() US Domestic Shipments
USPS delivery status 'NO RECORD FOR THIS ITEM.' does not mean your package has not been shipped. If our system indicates shipped, your shipment is en route. The USPS tracking system does not operate in real time. USPS Delivery status is available on their web site 3-12 hours after the package has been accepted at the counter for shipment.

USPS delivery status 'ACCEPTANCE' indicates the shipment was presented at the counter for shipment.
This does NOT mean your package was misdelivered or delivered to the wrong address! It is currently en route.

USPS delivery status 'ARRIVAL AT FACILITY' indicates the shipment was last scanned at a USPS processing facility.
This does NOT mean your package was misdelivered or delivered to the wrong address! It is currently en route.

USPS delivery status 'DELIVERED' indicates the shipment was delivered to the address specified at the time of payment.

() International Shipments
The USPS does not operate in any other country other than the United States. This means international shipments cannot be tracked through the USPS web site.

Tracking numbers provided for International shipments are US Customs numbers attached to your shipment. In the rare event your shipment does not arrive, US Customs can use this number to locate your package 45 days after it shipped.

() Transit Times
All transit times are indicated after an item ships from our US warehouse, NOT from the date the order was placed.

US Domestic | Express Service   | 1-2 days*
US Domestic | Priority Service  | 2-4 days*
US Domestic | Standard Shipping | 4-14 days*

International | Express Service | 3-5 days* International | Priority Service | 5-9 days* International | Standard Shipping | 9-45 days*

* The above transit times are estimates only. We are not responsible for shipping delays by the courier. We only guarantee the order will be shipped via the shipping method specified. There are no returns for delays by the shipper under any circumstance.

The search results page indicates whether your package will ship the same day or within an estimated 2-10 days.
Items arriving from our European or Canadian Distribution Centers cannot ship the same day therefore express service is not offered for these items. Parts Database Search Tools Order Status Part Quotes Support Options Part Wizard

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